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Jewish Study at CSFA

Ongoing Jewish study—Torah, Talmud, Megillot, Hebrew language, the prayerbook, Torah and Haftarah trope, holidays and observances and more—has been part of Jewish life for centuries. The thirst for Jewish knowledge has sustained our people through good times and bad throughout history, offering a vital counterweight to the preoccupation with material concerns and secular desires as well as to the temptation to give in to despair at difficult junctures in life. Torah study is considered to be one of the most important things a Jewish person can do, since it leads to a greater desire to perform good deeds and grow as a human being in all areas of life.

At CSFA, we provide study opportunities designed to appeal as many members of our community as possible. Rabbi Gaffney teaches a weekly course focusing on a different topic each semester, and also conducts classes on Shabbat following services and Kiddush once a month; volunteer members teach courses Jewish reading and the ‘Parashat ha’Shavuah’ (‘Portion of the Week’) on a periodic basis; and we study Talmud in a group led by a seminary student. Throughout the year we also offer special workshops to familiarize ourselves with the special rituals associated with Jewish holidays; and don’t miss the Brunch and Learn sessions which follow Sunday morning minyan services once or twice a month. These usually focus on current and seasonal events, especially our relationship with the State of Israel and with the larger American social and political scene.

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